Roxburgh Area School







Our Mission – The School’s Purpose


Our fundamental aim is to provide a quality education for our students and community

in a caring environment. We also aim to:


1)   Recognise the individual needs of our students and encourage all students to

      develop to their full potential academically, socially, physically, culturally and emotionally


2)   Provide a healthy, caring learning environment


3)  Provide a balanced and wide ranging learning environment


4)   Provide a resource which enables programs of continuing education and

       recreation for all people in the Teviot Valley


5)   Encourage open and honest communication between families and school and to

       foster widespread involvement of our community in the school.


6)    Ensure that the appearance and image of the school and students reflect proudly

        on our community




Our Vision for our students


By providing an exciting and enthusiastic environment in our school, we aim to promote a love of learning where quality and excellence are valued; work is of the highest standard and higher order thinking skills and creativity are developed.


Through self-motivation and self-evaluation everyone will take responsibility for their learning and behavior, have respect for others and the commitment to make a positive difference to their communities




Our Values


Our values are the important qualities that we try to live by and show in the ways we ourselves go about our work and relationships with others in the school;


Positive Relationships

All members of the school community will be expected to relate positively to other people by showing kindness and compassion. It is also expected that we will be empathetic and compassionate. We will willingly contribute and participate in school and community activities.



All members of the school community will be expected to show respect to themselves and others and their property. We will also respect human rights and differences and the environment. We will respect originality and uniqueness in ourselves and others.



All members of the school community are expected to be responsible for their own learning and behavior. We will be honest, show integrity and be aware of our duty to the community


Personal Excellence

All members of the school community will strive for excellence through self motivation, self management and perseverance. We will reflect on our work, show curiosity and be disciplined in our approach to our school work. We will have the courage to consistently aim high.



Years 1-6

We have 4 classes in our junior school, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. We also have 3 teacher aides who work with individual students within the classroom setting and a reading recovery teacher.  The classes in our junior school follow the general school curriculum.  In order to better cater for individuals, we group our Year 3-6 students for maths based on their maths stages.  We have found this to be very effective.  The Year 3-6 students have a specialist physical education teacher who come in twice a week.  Our younger students all participate in the PMP programme (Perceptual Motor Planning) designed to develop the childrens fine motor skills, balance and other physical attributes.



Years 7-10

Our middle syndicate operates as a distinct part of our school.  The syndicate has strong links to the other syndicates but also has a strong identity of their own.  Empahsis in this area is on introducing students to a variety of subjects while at the same time preparing them for their future schooling.  During these years students are exposed to a number of subjects and encouraged  to reflect on their learning.  They are taught how to be independent self motivated learners preparing them for the senior secondary years.  We have exams for Year 9 and 10 with the aim of developing examination techniques including focused study.  The students are also encouraged to use email and web as much as possible as these will be important learning tools in the future.



Years 11-13

By the time our students get to this level they are expected to be independent learners.  This means that they will have developed the attitudes and skills that will allow them to engage with the curriculum in a meaningful way.  They will know how they learn best and will have a clear idea of their progress up to this level.   The focus in this senior syndicate
in on gaining NCEA however we are careful to ensure that their credits are relevant to the individual learning pathways they have chosen.  All of our senior students are following an individual course of study.  This is made up from a combination of school taught subjects and  e-learning courses.  We also offer Gateway placements and STAR courses to our senior students.