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An A-Z of Roxburgh Area School


The following outlines some of the procedures and processes that occur at Roxburgh Area School. It has been designed to help you to gain an understanding of your school.


If you feel something has been missed and needs to be added, please let us know. We hope that you have a happy association with Roxburgh Area School.

Absences: Parents of students from Year 1-6 are requested to phone the office by 9am to inform the school of absences, or notify class/form teacher beforehand if you know your child will be absent. This procedure is also encouraged for students in the Year 7-13 area. In all cases a note is required when the student returns to school.


Adult Students: We are able to cater for adult students and recognise that education is a lifelong process. Are you interested? If so see Principal or Deputy Principal..


Appointments: We would like to encourage parents to make service appointments (eg doctor, dentist) for their children outside of school hours. We realise this is not always possible.


Assemblies: A full school assembly is scheduled for Fridays at 2.40pm. Parents are welcome to attend. Junior School (Year 1 – 6) assembly is at 2.40pm every second week on Friday.


Board of Trustees: Our BOT meets monthly in the school staffroom. BOT meetings are open to the public, with minutes available to be read at the school office and on the school intranet.


Buses: Some students travel to school by bus. Check with the school office for bus routes and times. Parents should phone the school if children are not travelling home on the school bus.


Calendar: A term calendar is published for all parents at the start of every term through our newsletter there is also a calendar on this website.

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Dental Therapist: A mobile bus visits once a year. Dates when the bus is here will be published in our newsletter or contact the school office.  Mrs Ruth Lunn is our dental therapist. The dental clinic phone number is 027 2849 872.


Drama: We have either a Major Production or a Performing Arts evening each year.  The junior school do a production at the end of each year


Extra-Curricular: A number of extra-curricular activities are offered through our school. We encourage all students to be involved in some extra-curricular activity.


Health Nurse: Karen McCabe is our Health Nurse. She visits our school on a regular basis. Consultations with Mrs McCabe can be made through the School Office.


Homework: Our homework policy has been revamped with Quality Schools in mind. We encourage all students to undertake some extra work every night. Recreational reading is always a plus.


House System: We have four houses at our school. Benger (blue), Clutha (yellow), Molyneux (red), Teviot (green). These are named after landmarks in the valley. All students are placed in houses firstly on a family basis, then to balance numbers.


Interviews: Formal parent interviews are held in the middle of Term 1 and Term 3.  During these interviews parents os students in Year 1-8 will be given a written report on how their child compares to the relevant national standards. Interviews with staff can be made at any time by contacting the School Office.


Library: Our School Library is open to all students during school hours.


Lost Property: Lost property is kept outside Room 5.


Lunch Orders: These are placed in boxes outside the school office before 9.00 am. Please ensure the money is securely placed in an envelope with name, form/class, and order written on the outside. Lunch is delivered to the school, with the service being available five days a week.


Lunch Passes: Year 12 and 13 students are permitted up the street at lunch times to purchase lunch or to do messages. They must be back at school by 1.00 pm.


Newsletter: The school newsletter is emailed to all families. Extra copies are available at the school office. Community notices are welcome. A PDF copy is available on our web site.


Reports: Reports are issued as follows:

• Term 1, Week 6 Interim Reports

•ᅠEnd of Term 2 Year 7– Year 13 Reports

•ᅠTerm 3, Week 10 Year 11 - 13 Reports

•ᅠTerm 4, Week 3

•ᅠEnd of Year NE – Year 10 Reports


School Fees: School Fees are used by the school to provide additional resources such as sports equipment, cultural activities, magazine subsidy and use of outside facilities. They are a donation.


Slip Slop Slap: Students are encouraged to put on sunscreen and wear hats at Roxburgh Area School. Please support us in this.


Smoking: Roxburgh Area School is a smoke-free zone. We ask that everyone respects this.


Sport: All pupils are encouraged to participate fully in games and sports. The school’s aim is to give each individual as wide a coverage as possible in the sporting area.


Study Classes: After-school study classes are offered to our senior classes from Term 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Syndicates: Our school operates three syndicates:

• Year 1- 6 Mrs Deborah Darling

•ᅠYear 7-10 Mrs Barbara Fraser

•ᅠYear 11-13 Mrs Lynda Walsh-Pasco


Vehicle Use: Senior students are permitted to bring vehicles to school only through written permission by parents. This must go through the Deputy Principal. Any passengers carried must also have parental permission.


Zebra: There is a crossing outside the school. All students crossing the road are to use this. Years 5 & 6 are our Road Patrol monitors.